Random Thoughts – 10/31/2015

Hi y’all!  (Do you see what I did there?)  🙂

I’m super excited about this picture!  I was just in a great mood and feeling sassy so…  BOOM!  One of my most favorite pics of myself ever.  What a great feeling that is!!!


Time for some squirrel-style random thoughts…

  1. Is it just me or is James Spader playing Raymond Reddington in “The Blacklist” the HOTTEST he has ever been?!?!  (And it’s totally ok if it’s just me.)  I mean, Daniel Jackson in the Stargate movie was supa-fine, but Reddington is a big ol’ bottle of wicked hotness.
  2. I’m on a mission…  My check in appointment with my doctor this month was BAAAAAAAD.  My hormones are the best they’ve ever been, but I gained weight (and lost muscle) and my cellular health has tanked.  Sad face.  So it’s GAME ON this month!
  3. Related note:  Part of my cellular health is determined by a phase angle measurement.  Mine roughly equates to an 80 year old woman.  Not good.
  4. Related note #2:  I’ve been strength training like a BOSS.  BRING IT ON next month’s check up!
  5. Does anyone else like these sleeves with the thumb holes?  Or is it just me?  I think they make me look Avril-90s-grunge cool.
  6. Today is Halloween!  My kids are jazzed and already pumped full of sugar (it’s 2:47pm).
  7. Related note:  One of these years I’m going to dress as Wonder Woman.  I was always too heavy for the Wonder Woman underoos as a kid.  But I really want to rock the Wonder Woman costume some day.  Not like “slutty Wonder Woman”… more like “modest and totally badass Wonder Woman”.
  8. Somewhat related note:  When I left work on Friday, they were installing glass phone rooms (booths) on our floor.  I own a purple Superman t-shirt and heavy-rimmed glasses.  I’m absolutely giddy about this upcoming photo opp!
Sleeves with thumbholes... making Gen-Xers look like those whippersnapper Gen-Yers for over 20 years!

Sleeves with thumbholes… making Gen-Xers look like those whippersnapper Gen-Yers for over 20 years!