My friend, Nalini, and I at Turner Field... My first MLB game!

My friend, Nalini, and I at Turner Field… My first MLB game!

Another post I wrote a couple of weeks ago and am now just getting around to posting.  Oops.

  1. Holy hell it’s HOT here! People are telling me that we’ve started summer early in the ATL. For the first time, I’ve admitted that I might not be mentally prepared for this heat. Yikes!!!
  2. I went to a Major League Baseball game! For those of you who know me personally, you know this is kind of a big deal because I am rather sports illiterate. (SQUIRREL – I got a few eye rolls from my colleagues when I kept yelling “YEAH SPORTSBALL!” tee hee hee) Here’s the really weird thing… I LOVED IT! I could totally see myself becoming a Braves fan, especially when they move the stadium closer to work.
  3. Related note: Do stadiums have public wifi? I’d like to see if I can VPN in from my seat. If so, I might start teleworking A LOT.
  4. I’ve been making some new friends at work. YEAH!!! It’s a very interesting environment and we’re not really set up to get to know people on other well. But you know me… I never stop talking so it was bound to happen no matter how we’re structured.
  5. Related note #1: Some of my friends are much younger than I am so I’m learning some hip stuff. Their influence has introduced me to things like Wolf of Wall Street and the show Workaholoics and phrases like YOLO. Oh yes, I can totally hang with the youngsters.
  6. Related note #2: One of my new friends (wait for it, this is EPIC) has YouTube videos of his Rush drum covers!!! Whenever I’m in a mood, I take a minute to watch one of his videos and it immediately cheers me up. (Thanks for sharing with me, OA!) You guys should check it out! This is one of my favorites.
  7. I had a little bout with the flu a couple of months ago. I was stuck in bed for a few days and decided to start (binge) watching Game of Thrones. OMG. So addictive. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show that I cannot predict at all which is weird because there’s quite a bit of foreshadowing. I think I might read the books. Apparently, I’ve got plenty of time before the next season starts. Well played, HBO.  You brilliant bastards.  😉