New Atlanta Adjacent Observations – 6/13/2015

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get around to posting it… UNTIL NOW!

Greeting from the ATL!!!

Date night with my daughter

Date night with my daughter

I’ve got some RANDOM THOUGHTS-style things I wanted to tell you about. Moving to the south, specifically in the Atlanta area, has lots of challenges, but also has some super cool and funny stuff too.

  • TGIPSD!!!!! That stands for Thank Goodness It’s Pine Straw Day!!! What is pine straw you ask? Well I didn’t know what it was either until we got down here. Pine straw is kind of like mulch. But it’s pine needles. I know… weird, right? But it’s totally a thing here. There are lot of hills (SQUIRREL – For any of you who have been to my house and have had to brave my driveway, you know these are more like small STEEP mountains than hills) and there are a lot of subdivisions which means there are a lot of landscape beds that require covering. Enter pine straw. This stuff is literally sold by the bale out of the back of semi trucks at our home improvement stores. And ours was just delivered. YEAH! It looks so much better.
  • Related note: Apparently laying down the new pine straw made a little red snake leave its home in our bushes and die in my driveway. Eeeeewwwwwww!!!
  • Cool famous people come to Atlanta. Yesterday morning I was listening to the radio on my way to work and heard Jim Breuer playing some goofy celebrity trivia game with my morning show hosts because he is in town for a show this weekend. Also, Kevin Hart is in town this weekend too. He apparently organized an impromptu 5K at Piedmont Park yesterday morning. This is just normal every day stuff here.
  • Related note #1: During the same radio morning show, they announced that traffic was backed up on 285 (VERY normal) because a truckload of watermelons had spilled out all over the highway (wha-wha-WHAAAAAT?).
  • Related note #2 : We recently had another odd traffic issue a couple of weeks ago when a small 4-person plane crashed onto the highway. Terrible thing that it happened (thoughts and prayers for the families of the people who were in that accident). But everyone at work, and at MANY other businesses around Atlanta, just packed up around 11am to head home because they knew they’d probably be looking at an 8 hour drive It’s just an accepted fact that people will just up and leave when there will be bad traffic.
  • We have EVERYTHING here. Our 7-year-old might be the youngest superfan of the show Cupcake Wars. She often commentates… well, just about everything… in the style that the bakers use to describe their cupcakes. (Today, I’ve made you a red velvet cupcake, filled with chocolate ganache, that has a white chocolate vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and topped with a pink glittery fondant butterfly.) She also knows who the regular judges are and everything about them. Florian Bellanger is a household name at our house. She can also tell you all about Candace Nelson, owner of the very first cupcake bakery, called Sprinkles, so routinely that it sounds like all one word. We recently had a free night to spend with only her (sister was at a sleepover) so I thought wouldn’t it be cool if we could take her to that cupcake shop? Aha, to the Google! Sure enough, there’s a Sprinkles half an hour from our house. So we went! The best part was we kept it a total secret until she actually saw the store. That was awesome!


  • Related note #1: We got Red Velvet, Triple Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, and Key Lime cupcakes. Red Velvet is her FAVORITE.
  • Related note #2: The cupcake store is at Lenox Square Mall. This mall is CRAZY busy and has some pretty upscale stores – the mall entrances have valet parking and one of the first stores I saw when we went in was Prada. Ironically, the only things we bought at that mall were California Pizza Kitchen pizza, Garrett’s popcorn, and those cupcakes. LOL – that’s how we roll!
  • Related note #3: The weather here is forcing me to get very comfortable with my body because it’s so damn hot! I used to be very self-conscious about my arms and legs showing during the summer so I avoided wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts in public. But I realized while we were walking through that mall that I have pajamas that cover more of my body than the dress I was in. Don’t start thinking all crazy… it was just a sundress (see pic above, perv)… but it was sleeveless and fell above my knee so that was a pretty big deal to me.

Bye for now!