Check out my TREADMILL DESK!

Hello, Team Squirrel!!!

You may remember from my last post that one of the things I need to do to work on my Adrenal Fatigue issue is exercise.  Oh goodie, I love exercising.  <sarcasm font> 

Actually, I don’t mind exercising *that* much.  But I really struggle to find the time.  In Michigan, I had a weekly Zumba class that I absolutely loved (Hi Carrie! 🙂 )   I haven’t found one in Atlanta yet that I think I would like.  (SQUIRREL – I did drive by one class once recently, but it was in kind of a seedy-looking place and it scared the crap out of me and I wimped out.  Did I mention that with Adrenal Fatigue comes increased nervousness and anxiety?  Good times, eh???)  However, I did pick up a treadmill, stationary bike, weight bench, and weights from Craig’s List during the holidays.  But again, really struggling to find the time not to mention get interested and motivated to use all that stuff.

Well, one day I’m reading a post from one of my favorite bloggers…  yep, you guessed it, The Paleo Mom!  (SQUIRREL – Gosh, I hope I’m not freaking her out. Dr. Sarah – I promise I’m not a stalker.)  She set a goal for herself of 10,000 steps each day.  WOW!  And to try and meet that goal, she purchased a treadmill desk.  Pretty brilliant since her job is researching and writing which can keep you pretty sedentary.

OMG I wanted one of those!  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that using something like that could really help me.  If I could set up some kind of desk at my treadmill, I could walk or run while I read a book, watched movies, or even while I was working from home!  But there was no way I could afford to buy one any time soon.  Wait a minute!  I could MAKE one!!!  Or at least something that would give me a desktop to use at the treadmill.


I realized that a couple of PVC pipes could slide over the handles of my treadmill and if I could get a board affixed to that, I’d have it.  (SQUIRREL – Most of my ingenious designs start with PVC pipe.  It’s versatility and ability to fix the universe is right up there with duct tape.)  So I started my design, made a list of supplies, and sent my husband to Home Depot (in the beginnings of an ice storm) to pick up my supplies.  Here’s how I did it!

First, I measured everything.  I figured out that I needed a 2 inch internal diameter PVC pipe an I needed two of them at about 6 inches long.  I also needed a board that was between 10-12 inches deep and 32-36 inches wide.  Then I started designing and made a list of what I would need.

Did you know Home Depot will let you use their cutting tools to cut PVC pipe in the store?!?!  So cool.  So I started with the 2 pipes and covered them with fleece so they wouldn’t scratch and could slide on and off easily.  I actually slid that whole piece of fleece inside the pipe and then folded it to the outside.  I wanted it covered both inside and out.

 PVC PipePVC/Fleece Darth Vader

I used spray adhesive to get the fabric to stay on.  Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na CRAFT BOND!  (That was supposed to sound like the Batman song.)

 Craft Bond

Then I got this cool stuff so I could secure the pipes to the board.  So we cut this stuff to length and screwed it in.

 No clue what this is calledStarting assembly

I was a little worried that the desk might slide off if I really started getting nuts on the treadmill, so I got an eyebolt so I could use it to secure the board to the treadmill.

Got my eyebolt on

Then I broke my staple gun… so back to Home Depot to get a new one!  Pretty spiffy, huh?

My NEW staple gun!

Then I covered the board with felt.  (SQUIRREL – I used to be an avid crafter and I still sew so I have tons of stuff like this just laying around.)

 All covered up

All done!  Now to slide it onto the treadmill.  Voila!


And just to be safe, I secured it with a teeny, tiny bungee cord.  (SQUIRREL – Yet another universe fixing apparatus.  Note to self:  In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, send someone out for bungee cords.  Got it.)

 Bungees - they help kill zombies too

And here I am (pretend) typing on my tablet… WHILE WALKING AT MY HOMEMADE TREADMILL DESK!!!!

Check me out!

Boom!  (I especially love how my feet are blurry, giving the impression that I’m really cruising here.)

I have hit my 10,000 steps nearly every day I’ve been on here.  I’ve been running while I watch movies and walking while I’m reading, listening to podcasts, or even doing my java homework!  I even wrote half of this post while I was on it!

Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon!