New Year’s Resolutions!

Hello fellow Squirrels!

Although many think it is a recipe for failure, I’d like to set up some resolutions for 2015.  Whether I meet them or not, I like goals… and lists.  Oh my gosh do I love my lists!  I have lists for everything:  groceries, household chores, books, tv shows, movies, songs.  Wow, but I GREATLY digress…

Here are my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions (aka LIST of goals… or just cool stuff I’d like to do)!!!

  1. Read more. I think I’ll see how many of the “classics” I can read.  I think there are many available on my Kindle app.  I love reading and there are so many that I have never even looked at.  I can’t decide whether to start with The Secret Garden, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or Pride and Prejudice, or Little Women.
  2. Be more involved with my kids. One of my kids has asked me to teach her how to use PowerPoint.  The kids’ school recommends that I start some computer programming activities for the other… my 6-year-old.  Oh my.  Time to step up my game.
  3. Explore Atlanta. I have yet to venture downtown or the east side (either inside or outside the perimeter).  There are lots of cool things to do in the suburbs too.  The kids and DH and I made a “bucket list” of places to visit this year.
  4. Get healthy. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and my autoimmune conditions have gotten worse.  I want to do everything I can to reverse these autoimmune problems.
  5. Find a new Zumba class.  OK, maybe this one should actually be titled “find some new female friends to hang out with.”  But I really would love to do some Zumba too.
  6. Spend less.  Moving the family to a different state, still paying 2 mortgages (not to mention 2 sets of utilities), and having the steady stream of surprise expenses that keep popping up has really depleted the family finances.  Time to get frugal until we get things squared away in Michigan.  (SQUIRREL:  I’m going to do another “NO SPEND” challenge month again this year in February if anyone wants to join me.  I just turned in my credit card points for store gift cards.)
  7. Learn to relax.  Honestly, I suck at it.   I don’t know how to do it.  It makes me very uncomfortable when I don’t have 600 things going on at once.  But I’m determined to learn how to be at peace and just enjoy the moment.

Oh yes.  I got this.  😉

Here’s to the end of an exciting 2014 and the beginning of an amazing 2015.