Extremely Random Thoughts – 11/7/2014

Today, my squirrel friends, is all about feelings.   Here goes…

1.  I’m tired…  This week has been a whirlwind.  My little family is Georgia – bound today.   We are making great time already.


The sun rise this morning in Indiana

2.  I’m proud…  My kids have been amazing on this trip.  We’ve asked so much of them with the travel and the funeral and the multiple short family visits.  I owe them something special for this.

3.  I’m sad…  I miss Grandma and I’m already aware of the hole that our family now has.


Grandma White's Family (pre Abby, that precious little peanut)

4.  I’m grateful…  I know how lucky I am to have had her in my life… and more importantly that my kids had a relationship with her and they are big enough to be able to remember her.

5.  I’m queasy…   This was a terrible idea to try and blog on my phone in a moving car in the middle of Indiana.

6.  I’m happy… to be going home.  Although it has been wonderful to see family this week (even though it was for a very sad occasion), we miss our home and our own beds and our new life down south.

7.  I’m annoyed… at my piece of crap phone. It can’t keep a charge for a whole day and it struggles to recharge when it’s plugged in.  And it’s too damn small for me to text on quickly and that makes me feel old.  Stupid condescending, judgmental phone.

8.  I’m confused…  I’m considering the Samsung Note 4 or the iPhone 6+ as my replacement phone.  And I debated whether or not to even tell you this because I feel it will be more controversial and cause more trash talk than the elections and the MSU/UofM game combined. 

9.  I’m excited… that we have family visits at our new home planned for Thanksgiving,  Christmas, and in January.  Also, I get to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner myself.  That makes me giddy!  (SQUIRREL – we’ll see how giddy I am when I’m up before dawn to get started cooking.   LOL)

… but at this moment, tired is definitely the winner.  Yep, really freakin’ tired.