Atlanta Adjacent Observations

Now that I’ve been here for not quite 2 months, I’m sure I can be considered an expert on all things Atlanta.  Just kidding!  Heck, I haven’t even technically driven into, or even all the way around, Atlanta.  But there are a few things I have noticed since I’ve been here.

  • Traffic does suck.  I only have a 6.5 mile drive to work and somedays I can get there in 15 minutes and other days it takes me closer to 35.  I’ve caught myself almost at a dead run through the parking deck to make sure I get on the road to come home before 5:00pm.
  • Not many people use their turn signals in “turn only” lanes.  And I don’t blame them one bit. There are times when you are sitting there waiting for 4-6 light changes for other lanes.  That’s a long frickin’ time to hear click click, click click, click click.  I’m sure that listening to that long enough would definitely lead to increased road rage, let alone turning someone into a full on bell tower candidate.
  • 60 degrees is f-ing cold here.  I know I haven’t been here long enough to be acclimated.  But when it dips down under 70… I don’t know if it’s just the humidity that makes it colder or what… but it feels crazy cold.
  • I risk developing an accent only on the weekends.  At work, most people are transplants (meaning they didn’t grow up here but moved here).  But when I’m not at work, everyone I talk to has a fabulous southern accent.  Hard not to pick up just little of it, y’all.
  • I cannot air dry my clothes like I am used to.  Nope.  Letting them just hang will result in musty smelling clothes.  Gross.  I have to at least put them in front of a fan.
  • Fruit lasts like 2 days sitting out on my counter.  I’ve thrown out so much produce because it goes bad faster than I can eat it.  Gotta figure out how to make that work for me.
  • There is a lot of expendable income around here.  You can’t drive by a strip mall (and there are hundreds of them) without seeing a dry cleaner, nail salon, massage parlor, and some kind of fancy pet *something* store.  No judgment…  I’m just sayin’.
  • The views are breathtaking.  Every morning when I come around the first curve where I can see the Atlanta skyline, I can’t help but smile.  And then there’s my back yard… I make it out there to catch the sunset at least 3 times a week.  <Insert content sigh here>

It’s all way different for me, but I sure am a lucky gal.


One thought on “Atlanta Adjacent Observations

  1. So happy for you, Mindy (and family). Still miss you, though. Hope you continue to enjoy all that “living Southern” has to offer. Hugs, Pat

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