Just in a GOOD mood…


I’m in a good mood today so I thought I’d write about it.  I’ve been a Georgian for about 7 weeks or so now.  We’re still not entirely unpacked.  We’re still eating off of a plastic table with folding chairs.  And I don’t have a lot of set routines yet… but there are some super awesome things that have been happening since we’ve been down here.

1.  I have 30-45 minutes of free time every day after my kids get on the bus and before I leave for work.  I’ve been prepping dinners, cleaning house, and even exercising in the mornings before work.  This is a HUGE deal and a BIG difference from what I am used to.

2.  My kids have been extremely well-behaved.  We had one of the most enjoyable family dinners at a nearby restaurant a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone was in a good mood, we talked as a family, the kids were polite and sweet and grateful.  (Not to mention, one kid told us all about Ben Franklin and all of his inventions and the other kid explained Greece and the history of the Olympics and democracy to us.  My kids are 6 and 8.  That. ROCKS.)

3.  The kids have also been more than willing to eat the healthy food I make.  They eat and compliment darn near everything I give them.  You should have heard them go on about this meatloaf I made last week that was chock full of veggies they don’t usually eat.  Again, this is a HUGE deal to me.

4.  I made cupcakes with my youngest last weekend (gluten-free of course).  We have *never* done that before.  And I had the time and energy to do it.  We haven’t had that kind of quality mommy-daughter time since….  well, it’s been years.  Actually, my kids have been helping me a lot in the kitchen.  Another again, this is a HUGE deal as well.


I found a new CSA!!!  (That’s community supported agriculture for those of you who I have not bored to tears about it already.)  Actually, I found 2!  One for fruits and veggies and the other for…  (wait for it)…

GRASS-FED BEEF AND PORK!!!  <girlie scream>  I picked up my first fruit and veggie bag today.  Check it out!

First CSA bag!  All organic, as much local as possible, some hydroponic.

First CSA bag! All organic, as much local as possible, some hydroponic.  Boom.

Aaaaaaand we got a new shiny mailbox today!  This was a HAO improvement and everyone in our subdivision is getting them (we all have the same mailbox).

Our shiny new mailbox!

Our shiny new mailbox!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we had another beautiful sunset tonight.  (SQUIRREL – My kids actually say “Oh MOM!  It’s sunset time!”  And we all go out and watch it together.  It’s so nice to have this kind of family time.)

Oh how I love my back yard

Oh how I love my back yard

Hope you are all having as good a day as I am!!!

Talk to you later  🙂


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