Random Thoughts – 9/4/14



1.  My eight-year-old has now worn black sparkly ballet flats, combat boots, and cowboy boots to school for the last 3 days. I’m actually really proud of that.  That apple didn’t fall far from this tree.  😉

2.  Related note:  I’m really proud of my kids and how well they are doing in a new school.  They’re being really independent and brave.  Very cool.

3.  I have a bad headache today.  Sucky.

4.  I don’t get how it can be 95 degrees outside with 600% humidity and I can still be cold all day at work and all night at home.  Weird.

5.  I’m going to the farmer’s market this weekend!!!  The one that The Paleo Mom recommended to me… in person… when I met her.  Yep, I’m still riding high on that.  😀

6.  Oh my gooooooooosh I need to lose some weight.  Through the move, I gained between 5-7 pounds and I’m uncomfortable.

7.  Related note:  I might have found a new Zumba class!!!  It’s only 8 minutes from my house and it’s at a dance studio.  Wish me luck!  I miss my booty shakin’!

8.  Related note #2:  To my BC Zumba chickies…  I’m so sorry that I never got to say goodbye.  I think of you every Wednesday and I hope you’re having fun… ok, I KNOW you’re having fun, and I MISS YOU!

9.  I’m binge watching Parenthood on Netflix.  ❤