Random Thoughts – 8/14/14


1.  I drove approximately 550 miles today.  I am way tired.
2.  The gas station next door sells single Angry Orchards ( naturally gluten free.  Boom.).  Thank you, Shell station.  Seriously… Thank you.
3.  I’ve been at rest areas in 3 different states today.   Ewww.
4.  O.M.G.  I love macadamia nuts.
5.  I also love my car.  My car is awesome.
6.  Related note – no matter how awesome my car is, I don’t particularly want to spend 10 continuous hours in it again any time soon.
7.  I already miss my family.
8.  Indianapolis (actually 465) pissed me off, but 65 was very pretty and a nice drive.  Louisville was shockingly easy to drive through.  Nashville is breathtaking. 
9.  I believe road rage originated in Tennessee – more specifically on 24 south of Nashville.  Dear Those Drivers, you.

suck.  In case you couldn’t read my lips as you blew be me.  Next time I’ll sign it just to make sure you don’t miss it.
10.  I am SOOO excited to get into my new house tomorrow and to start my new job next week!   😀

Until next time, Team Squirrel!


One thought on “Random Thoughts – 8/14/14

  1. Yea, you! Hope by now you’ve made it to your new home safely. Missing you already. Enjoy your new, beautiful home and have fun next week with your new job. Go MIN!

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