Random Thoughts – 8/7/14

I knew you were jonesing for another set of randomness from The Squirrel!  So here we go!!!

  • Sh!t got real this week.  I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of family and friends who I am so close to they are like family (and my amazing hair stylist… also like family).
    • Related note – I was absolutely touched to have a whole family toast (complete with peppermint schnapps shots) in my honor last weekend.  Thank you, family.  That meant the world to me.
  • A bug – looked like a fruit fly – just walked across my laptop screen. Eeewww!
  • Packing the entire house and my office is NOT my idea of fun.  <Sigh>  But I’m getting pretty good at it!  Boom.
    • Related thought – I have come to expect a daily meltdown.  I freak out and cry hysterically about something stupid and then I move on and get back to work.  #totallynormal  #dontjudgeme  #likeyoudontdoittoo
  • I’ve been binge watching Chuck on Netflix.
    • Related thought #1 – When I get to Georgia, I won’t have Netflix… or internet… except on my phone. Makes me feel like a cave woman.
    • Related thought #2 – When I get to Georgia, I won’t have any furniture or a couple of major necessary appliances.  I’ll be sleeping on an air mattress for at least a week.  It’ll be like camping!
  • I have been eating like total crap this week.  Looking forward to my first Georgia detox.
  • Quote heard at from my oldest at The White house (my house) this evening… “DO NOT walk on my floor any more because your feet are making fart noises!  The response quote was (from DH)…  “That’s not my feet.”  

<eye roll>


Until next time, Team Squirrel!!!


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