100 Days of AIP – Days 2-8

Dear Team Squirrel,


It has been a very interesting first week.  First off, I didn’t do too well.  But I’m OK with that.

I’ve realized that calling the autoimmune paleo diet a “lifestyle change” isn’t entirely accurate.  It’s bigger than that.  It’s an overall life change.  I went to a graduation party last weekend.  I figured I would be able to just pick the stuff I knew I COULD eat and I’d be OK.  Well, I didn’t do so hot with that.  I ate a couple of things that I thought weren’t TOO bad for me.  Wrong.  I also ate some things I knew I shouldn’t have had at all.  BIG mistake.  I paid for it.  And not just in the annoying way like brain fog and swelling…  nope, my body straight up rejected what I did.  And let’s leave it at that.

Anywho, I think I’ve finally realized that this is a journey – an evolution of sorts – and that I can’t be mad at myself when I do something that helps me to learn how I need to make this work for me.  This is kind of a big deal that I have given myself permission to NOT be perfect at this right off the bat.  😀

Ironically the day after I had this epiphany, I received an email about a new blog post from one of my new blogger favs – Nerd Fitness.  The post is titled “Do Something You SUCK At.”   It’s all about embracing the things you DON’T do well.  Kismet!!!   OMG, I love it!  Go read it now.  GO!!!

Even though it was a rough start to my self-induced 100-day challenge, there are a couple of things I did well.  I had some AWESOME food!  First my disclaimer – I am not following a strict autoimmune paleo diet.  My insulin resistance problem requires me to eat some things that are technically not allowed on AIP.  For example, I sometimes eat oatmeal, brown rice, and quinoa because of how well they can keep my insulin in check.  OK… on to the food!!!

I made this salad a few times over the course of the week.  It has spring mix from my CSA, cucumbers, shredded carrots, shredded kohlrabi (from my awesome cousins’ farm – thank you Kyle and Jessica!!!), and some nectarines.  I also sprinkled on one of my flavored balsamic vinegars and avocado oil.  Most days I added some leftover steak, but I forgot to make any meat the night before so I bought some grilled chicken from the cafeteria at work.  It’ll do in a pinch!

Salad with nectarines, cukes, spring mix. and chicken

Salad with nectarines, cukes, spring mix. and chicken


This breakfast hash was AWESOME!  I ate more than half of that bowl for breakfast.  I fried up some chopped bacon and threw the chicken in the bacon grease.  Then I tossed it with some diced apricot and an avocado.  Delish!

Breakfast hash with chicken, sweet potatoes, bacon, and avocado

Breakfast hash with chicken, apricot, bacon, and avocado


These lamb chops were a pleasant surprise.  Usually, lamb is a little tough and tastes gamey to me.  I sprinkled some salt and dried rosemary on these and broiled them on each side for a bit.   They ended up very tender and the rosemary was an excellent pairing.  The tabbouleh is made with quinoa (SQUIRREL – I use a little $15 rice cooker to make my quinoa.  Quick and painless!) and I added shredded carrots, shredded kohlrabi, diced cucumbers, fresh parsley, dried mint, and tossed it with lemon juice and avocado oil (olive oil or grapeseed oil work very well too).  Usually tabbouleh is made with tomatoes, but I can’t have those.  So I threw some tossed nectarine on there and VOILA!  This is also something I eat for a snack and often throw some diced avocado in for the good fat.

Rosemary lamb chop with quinoa tabbouleh

Dinner – Rosemary lamb chop with quinoa tabbouleh


One other thing I made that I apparently do not have a picture of is a raw salad made with kohlrabi, apple, apricots, lemon juice, and mint.  (SQUIRREL – the original idea I came across on Pinterest said to make it with cashews too.  I can’t have those, but I offered it to the fam when we ate it and none of them wanted it.  So I don’t know how it tasted, but it sure sounded good.)  This salad was also a fantastic pairing for those lamb chops.

In true squirrel fashion, let me completely switch gears before I end today…

Another realization I had this week is that I need a better way to track my progress.  I’m working on something to remedy that.  I think it will also improve my daily accountability.  I can just sense your anticipation.  Try to calm down.


Until next time, my friends!  XO




2 thoughts on “100 Days of AIP – Days 2-8

  1. Yes lamb can be strong in flavor. Rosemary, oregano and garlic can hide some of that. People have a tendacy to over cook it. It can be a little pink in the middle. This from a Greek who has had her fare share of lamb. Keep up the good work.

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