Random Thoughts – 5/2/2014

Interesting and exhausting week…

1.  All in one evening, our 7-year-old explained network penetration testing and perimeter security (not in those terms, of course) to us during dinner and our 5-year-old exclaimed during homework time, “Those were some damn easy math problems!”  I’m such a proud Mommy!

2.  It is impossible to find an Elsa dress for under $150 (most are going for nearly $200) and eBay appears to be the only option.  Well played, Disney.  Well played.

3.  We finally left a long, bitter winter and got only a couple of nice days (one was Easter and I had the flu) and now we have a week of rain and a horrible allergy season.  You’re drunk, Mother Nature.  Go home.

4.  I have not started my garden yet.  Not one seed started and I haven’t even taken a rake to the beds yet.  That bums me out.

5.  I found out today that I have insulin resistance and Hashimoto’s disease (hyperthyroidism).  Oh goodie.  This sure explains a heck of a lot.  At least both can be treated and reversed.

6.  Related note #1:  My neurological chiropractor is the person who figured it out.  I owe that dude a huge hug.  Or cookies.  Or a new car.

7.  Related note #2:  I now realize I need to replace some of my health care providers.  First to be voted off the island:  My GP and Endocrinologist.  My OB/GYN better step up his game too or he’ll be joining them.

8.  My new obsessions…
Netflix – Weeds!
Music – Imagine Dragons
Food – Fried plantains, hot dogs (100% all-natural, no-casing, no preservatives beef – and no bun, of course – with mustard for dipping)

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – 5/2/2014

  1. Sounds like you’re taking charge and getting “things” under control. Tell Zoey thanks for the laugh. I love it!! Have a good weekend and be well.

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