The Beauty of the Northern Mitten

My absolute favorite picture from my trip

My absolute favorite picture from my trip

Spring Break 2014…

After the kids’ Christmas break from school, I decided that we should probably NOT be cooped up in this house again together for another whole week, so I planned a getaway.  Most people from Michigan head south for Spring Break.  But I am not most people.  😉

I reserved a week at the Shanty Creek Vacation Club II (I think this is actually a timeshare, but I get deals on unused rooms through work).  The room had a full studio apartment-type kitchen with a balcony and fireplace so it sounded like a perfect spot to me.

Our original plan was to take a couple of day trips to Traverse City and then across the Mackinac Bridge and maybe head to the island.  Well, I didn’t realize that NOTHING is running or open during the first week in April.  And to make matters worse, the ungodly cold winter meant much of the water was still solid ice.  I got a little worried that I really messed this up and that we would be totally bored.

Boy was I wrong.  🙂

Not only did we have an amazing time, I saw my home state in a way I never have before.  I have been MORE than vocal about the “beef” I have with Mother Nature after this winter.  But I found that I not only enjoyed the cold and continued winter weather on this vacation, I actually found sheer and utter beauty in it.

I also learned quite a bit about myself.  I realized that I am even more of a creature of creativity than I thought.  I also realized that I enjoy being an artist.  I am usually horrible at taking pictures, but I apparently developed my “eye” for Kodak moments on this trip.

If I had to sum up this vacation in one word, it would be appreciation.  This getaway helped me appreciate my family, the weather, the state, other people, and myself.

There was no sun, flip flops, or drinks on the beach, but it was my best. vacation. EVER.

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DISCLAIMER – I expect the Peninsula “Purists” to point out that I never crossed the bridge so this technically isn’t Northern Michigan.  Noted.  Thank you.  Now shut up and stop ruining my vacation memories.  😉

DISCLAIMER #2 – To add a little perspective in case you aren’t completely in awe, I took all of the pictures with my phone.  About half were from a moving vehicle.  You may now gasp, oooh, or sigh.  😀


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