Random Thoughts – 4/4/2014

Hi there!!!!!  I missed you guys!!!!!  Today’s thoughts…

  1. I had the craziest dream about sweeping up ants with my vacuum in my living room.  I woke up and went to the kitchen to make coffee and there were ANTS on my COUNTER!  How freaky is that?!?!
  2. Eating bone broth soup for breakfast is my new “jam.”  It’s become one of my favorite things.
  3. Related note #1:  Except for fried plantains.  That is my true new favorite thing.  And I also had some of those for breakfast.
  4. Related note #2:  And Melanie Fiona.  She is my true TRUE new favorite thing.
  5. Related note #2a:  I’m aware she is not new.  She’s just new to me.  I’m getting old so I have no idea what is cool until it’s already “so last year.”
  6. My youngest told me this morning, “Mom, sometimes you act just a little bit crazy (this was complete with finger measurement) and you kind of don’t act like a mom.”
  7. Related note again:  That was a HUGE compliment to me.  😀
  8. It’s super foggy and weird outside here today.  Kind off surreal.
  9. I miss writing on here.  I’ve been so busy and tired.  But I have several draft posts that I am hoping to work on and publish this week because I’M ON VACATION.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Related note (srsly?):  That “woo” just made me sound like a college student on Spring Break.  Yuck.  (And now my daughter’s comment makes much more sense to me.  Doh.)



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