Random Thoughts – 3/17/2014

Frinkles, The Barbie Cat

Frinkles, The Barbie Cat

1.  Happy Wear Green Day!  I blew it today.  Didn’t wear green.  Didn’t put my kids in green.  Didn’t even remember until I dropped them off at school.  Oops.

2.  Related Note:  If that’s the worst thing I forget today, it’s a banner freakin’ day.

3.  My youngest named her Barbie’s pet cat Frinkles.

4.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am not defined by my job.  (“It’s not who I am, it’s just what I do.”  Repeat until infinity.)  Good thing too or else that’d make me a big fat pain in the arse.

5.  Oh Sons of Anarchy…  you had me at “the crow flies straight.”

6.  Related Note #1:  Opie’s death, and then his funeral, kept me awake for 2 days.  I literally couldn’t sleep.

7.  Related Note #2:  I might take my TV dramas a little too seriously.

8.  Related Note #3:  Well done incorporating all of those actors from The Shield.  Well done!  (SQUIRREL – When “Shane” was introduced as Aunt Venus, I nearly fell off the couch.)

9.  I’m ready for this bone-aching cold weather to be done.  Hey!  Let’s all wear shorts tomorrow to try and force it to be Spring!


One thought on “Random Thoughts – 3/17/2014

  1. Hehehe! Shorts be damned. I’m shoveling the snow off the deck, sporting my swimsuit, and doing some sun bathing today!

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