WIKA Paleo – How I Spent My Saturday

Hi there!!!!  Long time, no “see.”  🙂   Welcome back to “What I Know About” (WIKA) Paleo!

I’ve been a little “off the wagon” lately with regards to following my clean eating habits.  I’ve also been super-sucking at getting enough sleep and keeping my stress levels low. My biggest problem recently is that I do not have enough (and haven’t made enough) time to prepare my meals.  Therefore I grab whatever I can to get by, and then I feel like arse, which keeps me awake at night, so I’m more tired the next day and get further behind.  Notice the cycle of insanity here???  (SQUIRREL – My definition of insanity is exhibiting the same behavior over and over but expecting different results.  Well duh, that’s Ca-Ra-Zay!!!)

But I’m desperately trying to get back on track and I’m putting some serious effort in today.  So I thought I’d share what I am doing to try and make it better.  THIS is what I’ve been doing today…

C O O K I N G ! ! !

One of my biggest problems is breakfast. If I don’t have something quick and portable, I don’t eat.  Not good.  So I found a recipe for some breakfast bars from one of my very first paleo heros, Ms. Juli B. from PaleOMG.  These Blueberry Pumpkin Muffin Breakfast Bars are the shiz-nit.  I will probably eat these for dessert too.  I got a tiny bit lazy with them so mine aren’t as pretty as hers, but they’re still wicked tasty.

Blueberry Pumpkin Muffin Breakfast Bars (ala PaleOMG)

Blueberry Pumpkin Muffin Breakfast Bars (ala PaleOMG)

I have to do some serious damage control because of what I’ve been doing to my poor old body, so I thought I’d better start hitting the bone broth pretty hard.  SQUIRREL – Have I told you guys that I make my own broth?  I make chicken/turkey, beef, and have even tried veggie broth now.  Bone broth is super duper muper gruper (throw some more -uper rhyming words in here because that how extreme this is) good for you.  So I decided to make a soup base!  I did not follow a recipe for this.  Thus, this will be my first post for…

(wait for it)

MSU Meals!  Which stands for Make “Stuff” Up Meals.  😀

(Those of you who know me personally know that “Stuff” was NOT the first word I came up with.  Tee hee hee.)

This soup is made with my homemade beef bone broth, carrots (a birthday present from my wonderful friends, Anne and Jim), green onions, some shredded zucchini and oregano (frozen from last year’s harvest), and purple cabbage.  My soup is PURPLE.  How cool is that?!?!   So all I need to do is throw whatever leftover meat I have on hand in there, and VOILA!, instant lunch.  (SQUIRREL – I’ve also been dabbling with having these soups for breakfast.  Problem being that it is not terribly convenient or portable.  But when I can sit down and eat, breakfast soup is the BOMB.)

Purple "MSU Meal" Soup

Purple “MSU Meal” Soup

I have also been struggling to eat enough veggies lately.  That’s one reason for the soup, but I also decided to make a dish that I LOVE to keep on hand this week so I can really up my veggie intake.  What I made is based off of the ZuSketti with Bacon and Roasted Tomatoes recipe from Paleo Parents.  I got a little lazy with this one too and chunked up my zucchini instead of zoodling it and then I roasted it with bacon.

Roasting my veggies... with BACON!

Roasting my veggies… with BACON!

Zucchini and Bacon with Roasted Tomatoes (ala Paleo Parents)

Zucchini and Bacon with Roasted Tomatoes (ala Paleo Parents)

After all of that cooking today, I needed to do an easy dinner.  Baked Chicken Wings.  Boom.  I’m not a fan of hot sauce (gasp!) so I whipped up a honey mustard sauce for mine.  No recipe for that.  Seriously, it’s just honey and dijon to taste.

Chicken Wings!  with honey mustard dipping sauce

Chicken Wings! with honey mustard dipping sauce

The plan was to have lots of leftovers so that I would have a quick protein/fat snack whenever I needed it, but we pretty much pounded those wings.  These are all that are left.  Oops.  🙂

Chicken Wing Leftovers... they might not make it til tomorrow

Chicken Wing Leftovers… they might not make it til tomorrow

I still have several recipes to make tomorrow, but this is a darn good start.  GO ME!  😀

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!  Talk to you again soon!!!


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