Random Thoughts and My Weird Weekend

This is not a normal edition of Random Thoughts.  It’s more like whining.  Feel free to skip all of this.  I just need to process/vent/get this off my chest (SQUIRREL – no pun intended.)


1.  I had some horrible chest pains on Friday evening.  Since I didn’t feel any better all through Saturday morning, I started to Google my symptoms and found out that everything I was feeling were signs of a heart attack in women.  So I went to the ER.

2.  BLUF – I DID NOT have a heart attack.

3.  I did, however, have several EKGs, numerous blood tests, a chest x-ray, and a heart monitor to find out whether or not I had an acute heart issue or blood clots that caused my chest pain.  They all came back negative.  I did have extreme fatigue and one increasingly painful massive headache from the time I had the chest pain on Friday through Sunday night.  They actually gave me pain meds for the headache.  Those helped but made me nauseous and I just fell asleep.

4.  I also had a nuclear stress test – wow, that was awful.  I was injected with something to make my heart speed up and simulate what would happen if I was on the treadmill.  After that, I was injected with a radioactive isotope that could be tracked on a scan (15 minutes of staying still for that scan).  Then they made me rest for 20 minutes and injected me with the isotope again to do another set of scans (only 8 minutes for this one).  Everything came back negative for any heart issues.

5.  I *also* found out that I have a very damaged disk in my lower back – separate appointment.  I’m digging my new chiropractor and feel pretty good about what he plans to do to help fix me.  However, I have been benched from yoga and Zumba (WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!).  He promised he will get me back to them soon.

6.  I’m in a bad mood.  I’m getting pretty effing tired of these curve balls lately.  2014 has been an uphill struggle from every angle so far.

7.  OK, thanks for letting me whine.  Now that I got all of that out, it’s time to “glass half full” this sh!t…  I have to believe that something good will come of all this.  I’m hoping that this back problem will eventually help me to get stronger and reach some of my goals.  Maybe it has been part of the problem all along.  Maybe this cardiac scare was the kick in the a$$ that I needed to force myself to get some rest and remove some of the stressful crap in my life.  Maybe.  Let’s hope.

8.  When things get rough, my “go to” move is to identify all of the things I am thankful and grateful for.  I am thankful and grateful for my friends who have shown their concern for my health and for those who have sent me thoughts and prayers.  I am also very thankful for my mom, who stayed with me all day yesterday to make sure I was OK.  It’s so nice to know I am cared about.

Thanks for attending the pity party.  🙂  Until next time, my friends.


One thought on “Random Thoughts and My Weird Weekend

  1. Awe, Sweetie, what next? Sure hope the Classic Women are on the thankful list and are not a source of stress for you. We love you!!! Take care of yourself, and let me know if you need anything! Hugs, prayers, and love coming your way.

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