You may recall that I am in the middle of a “no spend” challenge this month and one of the tactics is to use up food that you have in the freezer and pantry instead of buying more from the store.  Well, I decided to do just that.  I have a turkey in the freezer and an opportunity for a family dinner.  So what did that mean to me?  Let’s look at this equation to find out…

19 lb. turkey + family gathering in February + my food sensitivities (21 day sugar detox) =

Paleo-style Fakesgiving Dinner!

I got really excited about this idea.  I also gave myself the extra challenge of not spending any additional money to put all of this together.  So here’s what I ended up with.

First, the appetizers.  A metric crap ton of fruit and veggies (I also whipped up a veggie dip made from organic Greek yogurt) and some deviled eggs.  But not just any old eggs… BACON.  AVOCADO.  Deviled Eggs.

(Oh yes, that just happened!  MAD props to George at Civilized Caveman for the egg recipe.  He’s a genius.)

Fruit and veggie trays

Fruit and veggie trays

Bacon guacamole deviled eggs

Bacon avocado deviled eggs

Pretty little egg (... nom nom nom)

Pretty little egg (… nom nom nom)

On to the actual dinner.  We had the turkey, regular mashed potatoes and corn for the kids, and then a couple of amazing paleofied (yes, it is too a word… just trust me) thanksgiving staples.

Introducing FAUX-tatoes!  Most paleos don’t eat regular white potatoes.  Instead, I make the same type of dish out of cauliflower.  If you rice (I do it in the food processor) and then steam the cauliflower, you can whip them up just like potatoes.  And being a lacto-paleo, I also added butter (lots) and some organic heavy cream.  Boom!



Onto my veggies.  I put out some squash that I roasted up yesterday (delicata squash that I grew in my garden last year) and also made a paleo-friendly green bean casserole.  Of course, there are a couple of substitutions here too.  First, no french fried onions.  But I carmelized a couple and used that instead.  Next, no cream soup.  (SQUIRREL – I have not yet found a cream soup NOT made with MSG.  MSG and I have a big problem with each other.)  Instead, I threw some brown rice flour on my carmelized onions and let them get kind of roux-y.  When that was ready, I added some organic half and half (ok, I won’t lie… I also used some heavy cream here too).  Then I threw in my steamed green beans and some salt and voila!  Healthy green bean casserole.

Paleo-ish green bean casserole

Paleo-ish green bean casserole

Lastly, I cannot have a thanksgiving-esque meal without cranberries.  It would just be wrong.  But I’m doing a 21 day sugar detox, so no regular ol’ cranberry sauce for me.  So I whipped up a relish-type salad based off of THIS RECIPE with cranberries, green apples, orange juice, orange zest, and cinnamon.  It was pretty gosh darn tart, so I did add a couple tablespoons of raw honey and that made it AWESOME.  It wasn’t strict 21 day sugar detox, but I don’t think it was a total cheat.  Still WINNING!

Cranberry apple salad

Cranberry apple salad

I must say, this was a DARN good dinner.  I’m so glad it was time to clean out the freezer.  The family R A V E D about all of the food.

My plate... I'm FULL!

My plate… I’m FULL!

Awesome dinner.  Fantastic company.  And leftovers for DAYS.  Best. Fakesgiving. EVER.  🙂


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