Random Thoughts 12/29/2013 – The Post-Christmas Edition

Faux Fur Bean Bag Pillows

Faux Fur Bean Bag Pillows… Don’t pretend that you’re not jealous

1.  I got a new sewing machine for Christmas.  So far, my kids and I have made pillows.  But not just ordinary pillows, huge fake fur bean bag pillows!  (Ben – you may recognize the fur from the black one.)

2.  Our new video game, Skylanders, is pretty cool.  I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would… until the wee hours of the morning.

3.  I really enjoyed Christmas.  I’ve had 3 family gatherings (there’s one left to attend) and one outing with friends.  They’ve all been much less stressful than usual.  SCORE!

4.  Related note #1 – My side of the family has a tradition of saying grace that ends with the phrase “When in doubt, look up” that is then followed by a shot of peppermint schnapps in a Dixie cup.  I can’t imagine having a gathering without that.

5.  Related note #2 – That prayer and toast was one of the most heartfelt I have ever seen.  My uncle (the family patriarch who always leads the prayer and toast) had us all in tears.  It was really touching.

6.  Related note #3 – CONGRATULATIONS Kenneth and Brandy!!!  (They got engaged on Christmas morning.  🙂 )

Skylanders on PS3 + Fur bean bag = Best. Sunday. Morning. EVER.

Skylanders on PS3 + Fur bean bag = Best. Sunday. Morning. EVER.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 12/29/2013 – The Post-Christmas Edition

  1. Your pillows look really cool. Glad you’re enjoying your holiday/vacation time off. You deserve it, GF. Thanks for sharing your prayer/toast/tradition. I love it! Happy New Year!!!

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