Random Thoughts 12/14/2013

Sparkly Super Spaz dancing at the "unofficial" work party

Sparkly Super Spaz dancing at the “unofficial” work party

1.  I had the most AMAZING weekend!  I got the opportunity to dance and dance and dance at the “unofficial” holiday party for work.  I got to make a complete fool of myself and got so crazy that I lost my voice.  What a FANTASTIC time!

2.  I also got to help with a pancake breakfast on Friday morning.  That was fun too.  We made pancakes and sausages and had to remedy a small debacle with some expired orange juice, but the whole thing ended with Christmas music karaoke.  My work friends are so amazing.  (((HUGS))) to you all!!!

3.  Today ended up being clean the house and make food day.  I have meals planned and made for almost the whole week.  I spent nearly the entire day in my kitchen… and in my pajamas.  GO ME!!!

4.  Related note #1:  I made 2 kinds of breakfast (I won’t tell you what they are because they gross out normal people), lunches for the week, and I have a brisket in the crockpot for BBQ beef during the week.  Boom.  That just happened.

5.  Related note #2:  I got yelled at today by my kids for singing too loudly in my kitchen.  “Mom, we can’t hear back here.  You need you to start using your whispering voice.”

6.  Related note #3:  Here is my kitchen playlist for today:

7.  I have 5 days of work until I am off for 2 weeks with my kids.  The countdown begins!!!

Enjoy your week, friends!  And stay safe in the snow!!!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 12/14/2013

  1. Enjoy your week as well, Mindy. And, your two weeks vacation. I will continue to slave away, but only for two more months then, I’m done slaving forever. The last leg of life – retirement! YEA!

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