Random Thoughts 11/14/2013

1.  It is amazing what a second cup of coffee and a pair of high-heeled boots can do to my attitude.  I was strutting around work like I owned the place today.

2.  Related note #1:  Many men will talk to you like they know you if you wear hooker boots and strut around work all day.  Are they pathetic?  Maybe.  Did it boost my self-esteem?  You betcha!!!  So THANK YOU, random dudes!

3.  Related note #2:  Great day at work usually equals very rough night at home.  Today was no exception.

4.  Related note #3:  Luckily, my house is filled with lots technology and multiple screens so everyone is focused on their own thing right now… ahhhhh quiet.

5.  My car is technically a station wagon (that’s what the insurance company calls it), but I feel like a total bad ass when I crank my tunes.  (SQUIRREL – I am still listening to MMLP2… with the bass turned way up.  I’m so gangster.)

6.  Will someone please remind me to pick up my daughter’s glasses from the optometrist tomorrow?

7.  Related note:  I’m in denial about my eyesight.  I think my arms are just far too short.

8.  I appreciate you reading this.  I owe you a great big hug.  Please come see me to cash that in at any time.  🙂



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