Random Thoughts 11/1/2013

1.  I’m not ready for it to be November.

2.  When I got home from work today, I realized that all I had ingested thus far was coffee, a zucchini muffin, and an ice cream sundae (that I ate for lunch).  This behavior *might* be contributing to my weight gain.

3.  Related note – I scheduled an appointment with my nutritionist.  I’m disappointed that I feel I need to go again, but I’m happy that there’s hope to feel better.

4.  Other related note – My endocrinologist suggested a new med that she thought might help with the symptoms I explained to her.  After doing my research, the script is for an anti-obesity pill that can cause heart problems and depression.  My first thought is “Are you effing kidding me?”  And my second thought is :-(.

5.  I have a naked barbie doll in the cupholder of my car.  Why wouldn’t I?

6.  The last time I intentionally spent the day lounging around and watching movies (and not a sick day) was when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  She’s 7 now.

7.  I’m such a lightweight nowadays that I have to mix my Rumchata with milk.  (Coconut milk, of course.  You know… paleo.)

8.  This blog makes me happy!  I like that my friends read it and I am tickled that strangers do too.

Enjoy your weekend!


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