Hoarder/Command Center

Hi, my name is Mindy and I am a hoarder.  (Hi Mindy!)

No, I’m not like those people on TV per se, but I do have hoarding tendencies.  I collect and keep *stuff* because I am a hoarder of creativity and memories.  That probably makes no sense at all.  Let me try to explain.

First, the backstory….  I don’t like my house.  It’s always cluttered and it never seems to get cleaned and organized enough to be company ready.  I am embarrassed whenever someone comes over (who isn’t family – sorry, family).  It was perfect 7 years ago, but now it just seems too small.  In addition, we got pregnant with our first child about 3 weeks after we moved in.  So we haven’t spent any time updating or really even making it our own (unless it was in preparation for our kids) and we just keep collecting more and more stuff, in someone else’s house, that seems to get smaller every day.  And I’m really tired of that.

I’ve recently gotten a wild hair up my ass about getting this place into shape.  (SQUIRREL – I DO NOT recommend googling “wild hair up my ass” to make sure you get the reference right… Nope, I didn’t really think that one through.)  We’ve been cleaning out the basement and going through EVERYTHING that has accumulated over the past 7 years.  In doing so, I’ve come to the realization that I (and I now know my husband is the same way) keep things for 2 reasons:  just in case I want to do something cool with it or because I don’t want to forget a memory.

You see, the basement expedition has yielded:

  • 7 totes of fabric (I used to sew A LOT)
  • 3 boxes of other craft crap (NOTE:  We haven’t even started cleaning the “craft room” yet)
  • 6 boxes of keepsakes for DH and I (from before we were married)
  • 2 totes full of stuff from our wedding
  • 5 boxes of our kids’ papers and artwork (they are only in Kindergarten and 2nd grade this year)
  • 2 totes of baby clothes (Sadly, I thought I had already done this sentimental purge years ago)
  • 1 tote of stuffed animals (Confession time – they are MINE)
  • 2 totes of MY clothes from much smaller and much larger sizes

Notice the trend there?!?!  Add in the several boxes of computer parts and software/discs/etc. from DH and you get the full picture of the epidemic at our house.

I’ve actually researched several sites on organization and tips (Thank you Pinterest!  It’s a time suck, but worth every second…. Most of the time.  😉  ).  Here’s a site that has helped me immensely:

I’m an Organizing Junkie… and you can be, too!  http://orgjunkie.com/start-here

This site has FANTASTIC tips on how to get started.  SQUIRREL – She also has this cool idea of creating a “Command Center” for things that most often are out of control.  Speaking of “Command Centers,” check out this one for kids’ school stuff at http://momof6.com/mom-organization/declutter-your-life-tackling-the-kids-command-center/…  Pure freakin’ genius.

Here’s a pic of the command center I created based on her idea (more in the gallery below).

Command Center

Command Center

The girls made their own bins for school papers out of shoe boxes.  The also have designated spots for their folders, backpacks, and shoes.  The very full basket in the middle of the top shelf is where we put the mail until we have time to go through it.  (I know it’s REALLY full.  It’s on the list to deal with it.  Don’t judge me!)  The whole command center concept has worked very well for us to not only “un-clutter” in the mornings and when we first get home in the evenings, it has also helped us to “un-crazy” those times of the day.  Things run much more smoothly than they did BCC (before command center – I love making up acronyms).


2 thoughts on “Hoarder/Command Center

  1. Would love to have you and D over. I’ll make food and drinks, you bring the totes. Sadly, my basement and “craft room” will make you feel so much better.

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